Mental Health in the North

When it comes to our mental health, talking is the first step to meaningful change and greater acceptance. If we can be open with each other, if we can share with each other in a supportive environment, then we can begin to tackle an issue that’s important to all Northerners.

Northwestel is committed to supporting mental health organizations and events across the North.

Northwestel contributed $100,000 to support Clara's Big Ride for Bell Let's Talk. We are committed to Clara's message of raising awareness about mental health and driving positive long-term change in the way Canadians perceive mental illness.

Clara's Big Ride wrapped up on July 1, 2014. Catch a glimpse of her travels across the country –

Clara Hughes knows a lot about tough challenges. As part of her epic journey through Canada's North, the six-time Olympic medalist visited nine communities, spoke at nine schools, biked the grueling Dempster Highway and participated in 24 events over the 15 days.

Check out some of the highlights of Clara's northern leg.

Let's start a conversation.

Clara's message inspired Northwestel to set aside sponsorship dollars to fund mental health initiatives across the North. Since her visit, Northwestel supported the following:

  • Kamatsiaqtut Help Line, Nunavut
  • Theoren Fleury's Message of Healing, Yukon
  • Employee mental wellness initiative, Northwestel
  • $1 million investment in Northern mental health from Bell and Northwestel until 2019
  • LifeSpeak program for employees
  • Yukon Distress and Support Line
  • Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation mental health services

Keep Talking – Mental Health Matters.
Clara's Big Ride gave a lot of momentum to an open, honest discussion about mental illness. Help us maintain that momentum and build on it – keep the conversation going.


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Mental Health Resources

Yukon Mental Health – Support Services  |  Visit Website >
The Yukon Distress & Support Line is an anonymous, confidential and non-judgemental volunteer-run phone line.  The line is offered toll-free, Yukon-wide, nightly from 7pm - Midnight.

Northwest Territories Mental Health – Support Services |  Visit Website > 
NWT Help Line – 24/7

Nunavut Mental Health – Support Services  |  Visit Website > 
Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Help Line – 24/7