Investing in Canada's North

Paint Mountain

Building highly connected communities

Northwestel continues to invest in its vision of a highly connected North where Canadians prosper and thrive. The company employs over 500 people in the North and is a major driver of the North’s high-tech economy.  From 2013-2018, the company invested over $230-million to introduce faster internet, increase broadband capacity and expand wireless mobility access across our operating area. Today, Northwestel continues to work with our partners to strengthen our communities. 

Here are a few of our major projects.

The Community Fibre Project

The Community Fibre Project will bring high-capacity, fast and reliable data communications to Northern Indigenous and government offices.

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Tamarmik Nunaliit

The Tamarmik Nunaliit project will bring 15 Mbps Internet and 4G wireless to every Nunavut community.

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Yukon Tundra

The Canada North Fibre Loop will strengthen and protect internet and broadband services in over 65 northern communities.

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