Tamarmik Nunaliit

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Tamarmik Nunaliit

High Speed Internet in Every Nunavut Community

Northwestel’s Tamarmik Nunaliit project - Inuktitut for "every community", is bringing faster Internet, higher capacity and better access to government services to every Nunavut community by 2019.

With $49.9 Million in funding from the Government of Canada, Northwestel is building new satellite earth stations and network hubs in each of Nunavut’s 25 communities.

View Community MapHarnessing Telesat’s modern Ka-Band satellite technology, Northwestel’s high-speed network will increase broadband access for government, businesses and Nunavut residents.
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  • Building the network

    Thanks to $49.9 Million in funding from the Canadian Government’s Innovation, Sciences, and Economic Development (ISED) department, Northwestel plans to build 25 new satellite earth stations to deliver high-speed broadband data to every single Nunavut community by the end of 2019.

    Connecting to Telesat’s Telstar 19 VANTAGE - a brand-new Ka-Band high throughput satellite (launching in 2018) - our new network will use next generation technology, with the ability to deliver faster download speeds and 20 times more broadband Internet capacity for Nunavut than the current C-Band satellite network.

    This new broadband network will be open access and blazing fast. Using the new infrastructure, the Government of Nunavut will be able to provide exciting new opportunities for every community – such as better access to online-based education, health care, and other essential services.

    An open access network also helps stimulate economic growth. Small business owners could leverage new online-based tools to help run their services and stores. Internet Service Providers (ISP) can also connect to the network in every community at low wholesale rates – creating more options for customers when selecting an ISP.

    Northwestel is proud to have won this contract, and humbled to once again be chosen as a trusted and reliable partner for the delivery of high-speed telecommunications in Northern Canada. We look forward to working with the Government of Nunavut and the Federal Government, as well as our partner Telesat, to further connect Northerners.

    Download the backbone service area map >

  • Bringing it to your home

    Making use of this next-generation Ka-Band satellite technology, Northwestel will introduce 15 Mbps Internet to every community in Nunavut by the end of 2019. That’s 3 times faster than the highest speed Internet package available to our customers in Nunavut today.

    Additionally, the new technology will allow us to offer more monthly Internet usage to every customer - giving you more time online to surf and stream - with twice as much Internet capacity than before.

    Best of all, Northwestel's new Internet package prices for Nunavut will give you better value for your hard-earned money. For instance, our new Internet 15 package comes with double the monthly usage and 6x faster download speeds than our current DSL Internet 2 package - all for the same price.

    On top of that, Northwestel's national partner Bell Mobility plans to bring 4G wireless mobile service to every community in Nunavut. Now customers in the territory will have access to the same rates, packages, and mobile devices that Bell offers to customers across its national network.

    Download the residential service area map >