2020 Directory Cover Art Competition Winners

Directory Cover Art Competition

Northwestel is proud to support a thriving and diverse northern arts community.

For more than 30 years, artwork created by northern artists has been a staple for the covers of Northwestel phone directories.  From stunning northern landscapes to richly coloured cultural designs, Northwestel directory cover art is as varied and diverse as the northern artists who create it.  Each year, three selected cover artists are awarded $3,000 each and have their winning artwork featured on the directory cover for their region. Northwestel directories help northerners in every community to connect with each other.  It’s one way we’re helping to build a stronger North – where everyone can prosper and thrive. 

Meet this year’s winners

Yukon and Northern British Columbia 2020-21 Directory Cover – Tlingit Moon by Lorraine M. Wolfe

Lorraine M. Wolfe, Yeikunasheen by her Tlingit name, is Dakhl’awèdí Eagle/ Killer whale Clan of the Inland Tlingit. Born and raised in the Yukon, Lorraine’s childhood years were spent on Francis Lake. Her carving journey began in 2015, and two years later she graduated with a Diploma through the Freda Diesing Northwest Coast Fine Arts Program in Terrace, B.C. Lorraine was taught by Master Carvers Stan Bevan and Ken McNeil and also had the privilege of being mentored by Grand Master Dempsey Bob.

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Contact Lorraine on her Facebook profile or by email (lorraine.m.wolfe@gmail.com) to learn more about her work​. 

Photo of Lorraine M. Wolfe
Photo of Lorraine M. Wolfe with her family
Photo of Lorraine M. Wolfe carving

Photo of Lorraine M. Wolfe with her brother

Nunavut 2020-21 Directory Cover – Caribou grazing at Auyuittuq National Park by Francis Lee

Francis Lee is an artist who has been living in Iqaluit for over five years. He is passionate about all forms of visual arts, especially graphic design, comic art, and digital painting. When he is not making visual art, he pursues landscape photography and composes music. Francis gets a lot of his inspiration from the captivating beauty of the North and its rich culture. He enjoys being out on the land at all times of the year.

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Photo of Francis Lee
Photo of Francis Lee

Photo of Francis Lee


Northwest Territories 2020-21 Directory Cover – Ekwò by Robyn Scott

Robyn Scott is a painter, illustrator, teacher, and poet who moved to Yellowknife 13 years ago from the Maritimes. She is most passionate about realistic paintings of northern wildlife using oils and acrylics, and she has a particular affinity for creating images of birds of all kinds. She is also known for her whimsical pen and mixed media “Heartwork” drawings. Robyn particularly enjoys doing large-scale projects and has completed several commissioned murals for non-profit organizations.

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Visit Robyn’s website to see more of her work 

Photo of Robyn Scott
Photo of Robyn Scott's painting
Photo of Robyn Scott
Photo of Robyn Scott




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