Mental Health in the North

Northwestel proudly supports mental health initiatives across the North.  We partner with organizations and people who dedicate their efforts to providing resources to those facing mental health issues and eliminating the stigma which surrounds mental illness. Talking is the first step to meaningful change, understanding and greater acceptance.

Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) is October 6 – 12, 2019.  Northwestel is raising awareness for mental health in the North by supporting the Canadian North Arctic Comedy Festival as it tours through northern cities.  

We are committed to supporting our northern employees by making mental health a priority and by providing resources to help support them. We encourage employees to share their own stories about facing mental health - to keep the conversation going and to show others that they are not alone.  When we are open with each other and can share in a supportive environment, we can work together to address an issue that impacts all Northerners.

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Mental Health Resources

Yukon Mental Health – Support Services  |  Visit Website >
The Yukon Distress & Support Line is an anonymous, confidential and non-judgemental volunteer-run phone line.  The line is offered toll-free, Yukon-wide, nightly from 7pm - Midnight.
1 844 533-3030

Northwest Territories Mental Health – Support Services |  Visit Website > 
NWT Help Line – 24/7
1 800 661-0844

Nunavut Mental Health – Support Services  |  Visit Website > 
Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Help Line – 24/7
1 800 265-3333