Calling Features

Bundle call features and save

Which calling features call to you? Choose from our great phone options and consider bundling to save with FeaturesPlus. Here’s how FeaturesPlus works: Pick the features you want (except Call Trace and Call Display Block), and combine them into your own customized FeaturesPlus package. The more you choose, the more you save. Up to a 40% discount (four or more features).

Variable Call Forwarding

When you need your calls to follow wherever you go, Variable Call Forwarding is the feature for you. With Variable Call Forwarding, you program—and can change—the number you want calls forwarded to, depending on where you will be.

Call Return

With Call Return, you can know the number of the last person to call your phone. If you want to return the call, you can do so automatically, without having to re-enter the number.

Call Screen

Call Screen allows you to block incoming calls from unwanted sources, on a temporary or permanent basis

Call Trace

When added and activated, Call Trace stops harassing calls. It records the number of an incoming call at Northwestel's central office and the number obtained from Call Trace is released only to an applicable law enforcement agency.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting lets you know another call is coming through when you’re already on a call. Your caller doesn't reach an annoying busy signal, and you have the option of answering the incoming call or not.

Call Waiting ID

When you are on the phone, Call Waiting ID lets you see the number of a second incoming call, so you can decide whether to answer or continue with the original call.

Basic Voice Mail

Voice Mail is your 24-hour-a-day personalized answering service. With Voice Mail, you'll never miss another message, and your callers will never reach an annoying busy signal. 

Call Display

Call Display displays the number of the incoming caller.

Fixed Call Forwarding

If you want your calls to be forwarded to the same fixed number, but want control over when the calls are forwarded, this feature is for you.

Enhanced Voice Mail

Enhanced Voice Mail gives you features in addition to the benefits of your standard Voice Mail, including the ability to create group distribution lists, store more messages, longer, create messages for future delivery and receive message notifications at another number.

Smart Ring

Smart Ring gives you two numbers on one phone line. Each number has a distinctive ringing pattern on incoming calls, and a free directory listing. Smart Ring is ideal for busy households, families with teens, or roommates sharing a single phone.

3-Way Calling

When you can't all be in the same place at the same time, 3-Way Calling brings you together. 3-Way Calling allows you to speak with two other people in different locations at the same time.