Phone Books and Listings

Looking for the number of a friend or business or information about Calling Features? You’ll find it in your Northwestel phone book.


  • All Northwestel customers get a free phone book
  • One free directory listing per phone number
  • Customers can enhance their listing with additional directory services
  • How to change your listing

    When you sign up as a personal customer with Northwestel, you decide how your name and address will appear in the next published directory. To make a change, call 1 888 423-2333.

  • Listing change deadlines
    • NWT, Nunavut: November 7, 2020  for next year’s phone book, released March 2021.
    • Northern B.C. and Yukon: February 15, 2021  for next year’s phone book, released May 2021.
  • How to get your phone book

    For the most recent telephone directory for your area, visit one of our pick-up locations, or call 1 888 423-2333.

    Northern BC and Yukon - Phone Book pick-up locations (PDF)

    Northwest Territories - Phone Book pick-up locations (PDF)

    Nunavut - Phone Book pick-up locations (PDF)

    To buy a phone book for an area other than your own, please call 1 800 268-5637.

  • Directory Assistance (411)

    A service charge of $3.50 is billed for each call to directory assistance.

    Don’t have a directory, and need to find a number? Visit Canada411 or call 411 for reach directory assistance.

    You can also use directory assistance to find phone numbers for people and businesses in the rest of Canada, the United States and overseas.

    For Canada and the United States, call 1+(area code)+555-1212

    For overseas, call "0"

    Effective July 1, 2016 the rate for each directory assistance charge will increase to $3.50. For more information, please visit our phone support section.