When you rent a telephone set from Northwestel, you choose the set you want and the features you need. You also choose the reliability of an Industry Canada-approved set backed by Northwestel's guarantee to replace the set at no cost if any problems should arise.

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    Telephone sets available may vary by community.

Vista 200

$9 10
  • Display window for Call Display*
  • 15-call memory of incoming calls*
  • 10 programmable memory keys
  • Calendar and clock display
  • Visual ringing/caller-on-hold/extension-in-use indicator
  • Hold, Redial and Link buttons for easy call management

Meridian 8009

$7 95
  • Six programmable memory keys
  • Visual ringing/extension-in-use indicator
  • Headset and hearing aid compatible
  • Hold, Redial, Link and Line Release buttons for easy call management

Regency 400 - No Longer Available for Rent

$9 10
  • Large display window for Call Display*
  • 50-call memory of incoming calls*
  • Directory function with memory for 10 telephone numbers
  • Call timer
  • Callback Feature (allows you to return the last call received)
  • Visual line-in-use indicator
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Hold, Redial and Flash buttons for easy call management
  • PLUS, The Regency 400 provides a data port allowing you to connect your modem through the phone set without the need for additional connectors.