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Northwestel Modernization Plan
In January 2013, Northwestel announced a $233 million Modernization Plan to deliver more advances in communication services across Canada's North. As of November 2013, this is what we've done.
North Of Ordinary: Ep 8 - Plastic to Oil...
The first machine in North America that takes all types of plastic and converts them into useable crude oil. Right here in Whitehorse, Yukon at P & M Recycling.
Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt: Ep 102, Aug 2013
The second episode in the new hit Community Cable 9 series filmed Aug 24, 2013. Shannon Mallory and Erica Bigland go toe-to-toe with Meagan Lang and Andrew Stratis for bargain shopping supremecy.
Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt: Ep 101
Filmed in Whitehorse July 2013, the pilot episode of Cable 9's new reality game show "Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt" featuring Steve McGovern, Jason Westover, Graham Lang and Emily Hoefs. The ultimate shopping challenge.
Battle of The Bands 2013
Northwestel Festival Of Trees 2012
Northwestel celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Festival Of Trees, a fundraiser for the Yukon Hospital Foundation to help raise money for new medical equipment for the Whitehorse General Hospital.
Sponsor A Pirate this Christmas -...
From the Community This Week (comedy) Christmas Telethon 2011. A heart-felt plea to donate to a very neglected minority group in need of your generous support - Pirates. Featuring Anthony Trombetta, Chris McNutt and Jason Westover.
My Parents Basement - Ep 3
The My Parents Basement team debates the new Star Wars universe, First-Person-Shooter video game releases, and gift ideas for the holiday season.
Whitehorse Mt Mac Ski Swap 2012
The annual Ski Swap held at Mt. Mcintyre Recreation Centre in Whitehorse, YT. On October 20, 2012, hundreds of local outdoor enthusiasts flocked to Mt. Mcintyre to seek a sweet deal on winter sports apparel - and the Community Cable 9 video team was there.
Northwestel - Summit Hockey School
Northwestel's Summit Hockey School celebrates its 10th year anniversary. This year was a great success with over a hundred kids participating from across the north and special guest coach, Jordin Tootoo.
Northwestel - Directory Recycling Program
Kids across the north recycle old phone directories as part of Northwestel's Directory Recycling Program to help raise funds for schools and teach youth about the importance of recycling.
Yukon Hospital Foundation - MRI Fundraiser...
The Yukon Hospital Foundation and Northwestel have been raising funds to help the hospital acquire an MRI machine for the north.