Long Distance Calling Plans

Northwestel has a variety of Long Distance Solutions to keep your business connected.


  • $1.00 per month
  • Call anywhere in Canada for only $0.18 per minute
  • Call to the United States for $0.21 per minute
  • Competitive international rates

If your business wants the freedom of long distance without the commitment of a plan, BusinessCents™ is perfect for you.

BusinessCents Advanced

  • $7.95 per month
  • Call to Canada and the US for $0.13 per minute
  • Competitive international rates

Reduce your long distance calling costs with BusinessCents Advanced™ at the low rate of $6.95 per month.

BusinessCents 400

  • $28.95 per month
  • 400 free minutes anywhere in Canada and the US
  • Additional calls to Canada and US at only $0.12 per minute

BusinessCents 400™ gives your business the long distance flexibility it needs and enjoy 400 minutes on us!

BusinessCents 1000

  • $51.00 per month
  • 1000 complementary minutes anywhere in Canada and the US included
  • Canadian and US minutes are $0.12 per minute after complementary minutes are used
  • Competitive international rates

Your business needs the robust BusinessCents 1000™ plan if calling long distance is a critical part of your day-to-day activities.


  • $6.00 per month
  • Restrict your phone lines to only call locally

If your business only makes local calls and doesn’t want the worry of long distance charges, add the Toll-Restriction option to your phone-line today!


  • $44.00 per month

Allows for capability to automatically reverse toll charges from an incoming call originating in Northwestel's operating territory.

  • Current as of January 1, 2019. Available to new and existing residential customers where access and technology permit. To sign up for a Long Distance Calling Plan customers must have a Northwestel Home Phone subscription. Customers may change their Long Distance Calling Plan at any time but it may impact monthly savings. Contact Northwestel at 1 888 423-233 for detailed information about our Long Distance Calling Plans.